1/29/16 Buyer & Seller, Peyman Ghasri (West LA)

I feel lucky to have had Matt represent me on different occasions both on seller side and buyer side. Both times he demonstrated extreme professionalism and care. He's very honest and trustworthy and I will always recommend him highly.

12/21/15 Buyer, Yanhui Wu (Pasadena)

I was a first time home buyer and had little knowledge about real estate transactions. I was so fortunate to have Matt as my agent. He understood my need, listening patiently before offering any of his opinion. During my house searching in such a very competitive housing market, Matt never offered  any misleading information. He always stood on the buyer’s side in any steps of the transactions, from negotiation to inspection and escrow. Sometime I felt he was buying his own house. He was an extremely good problem-solver, which sometimes made me worry that potential buyers may propose too many problems for him to solve. As an excellent realtor in the profession, Matt is knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive. In person, he a dear friend. Honest, reliable, and considerate. I highly recommend him to any potential buyer.

11/21/15 Landlord/Owner, Rob Burnette (Glendale)

If you have a piece of property to sell or rent, definitely give Matt a call. I used Matt to rent out my house and I could not have ask for a better realtor. He made everything so easy and was able to negotiate above asking price in a very professional manner. Everything was taken care of which  allowed me to focus on getting the house ready. He was also a tremendous help on telling me where to spend as well as where not to spend. He is friendly, reliable, honest, punctual, and knowledgeable on your housing needs. One of his best traits is his communication skills. He was always just a phone call away to answer my questions or guide me through the process. He is very pleasant to be around and always came dressed and groomed impecabaly. While I'm sure I wasn't one of his biggest clients, he made me feel as though I was. I took a chance on using Matt so you won't have to. It was the smartest decision that I made. My wife and I plan to buy our own home together next year and Matt will be the first call that I make.

9/14/15 Buyers, Rose & Mike McGrath (Highland Park)

My husband and I were looking for a home in Los Angeles several months ago and while driving around the areas we were interested in (roughly in and around Pasadena), we stopped to look at a house that was listed by Matt Helganz. After contacting him, we learned that the home had recently been  purchased and was already in escrow. In any case, we decided to continue our search with Matt's help and are so incredibly glad we did. With Matt's knowledge of the area and real estate expertise, we found the perfect home in Highland Park that meets all of our needs. Throughout the process, Matt was professional, communicative, punctual and tenacious in his quest to find just the right home for us. Thanks again, Matt

8/23/15 Buyers, Mike & Deanna Deal (Temple City)

Matt was the perfect agent for us. His knowledge, ability, and professionalism were integral in finding and landing our home in a very competitive marketing area. Low inventory and high demand stretched our search over a year; throughout, Matt stood by us, providing his insight, and advice, and  answering every question and concern before, during, and after. Our Highest Recommendation - Matt is my agent, you'd be fortunate if he was yours.

8/22/15, Minerva Padilla (Alhambra)

Dear Prospective Home Buyer or Seller, We are first time home buyer's and are pleased to share our experience. Mr. Matt Helganz, exceeded our expectations and displayed a true commitment to making sure we were completely satisfied with our request in finding our first home. Matt was ALWAYS available and returned our calls and text faster then expected. Matt negotiated and always looked out for our best interest. Most importantly, MATT is the most humble and HONEST real estate agent I have ever met in my life. Best Wishes, MP

7/22/15 Sellers, Bruce & Debbie Olsen (Pasadena)

Matt knocked it over the fence for us! He did a great job through the entire process, from advice on readying it for sale, to pricing it, to marketing it, to getting more than our asking price. He really went above and beyond when he helped us deal with with a very challenging tenant. We enjoyed  working with him, and and we'd be happy to work with him again.


3/31/14 Buyers, Pei & Rebecca Pai (Downtown LA)

This is our second purchase with Matt. We got our first downtown loft 1.5 years ago through Matt, it was a multiple bid situation, we did not think we could get it, but Matt did it for us through his amazing negotiation skill and people skill. For this second purchase, Matt did it again, same multiple bid situation...miraculously, we got it...again. He communicates promptly ,effectively and works seamlessly with all parties. Always on top of things and never pushy. Both times, he managed the purchasing process smoothly, patiently and problem free. We are so happy with Matt and our purchases. We have worked with quite a few real estate agents with our other real estate transactions before, most were a disappointment and we never use them twice . Matt is by far the best thus the second purchase. For sure Matt will always be our agent of choice when it comes to our Real estate transactions. We highly recommend him! He will make your real estate dream come true


2/24/14 Buyers, Marisa & Jarrett Ballard (Altadena)

My husband and I recently purchased our first home together. I had a lot of questions, and Matt was patient and very knowledgeable, making sure to answer all my questions in a thorough and timely fashion. The purchase of our new home could not have been more seamless, Matt made sure we got the best deal possible. I really appreciate all the work he did for us in regards to working with our limited budget and schedules. He even was present for the inspections that we could not make it to. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I love our new house, and cant wait to move in. Thank you Matt you did a fantastic job, and we will most definitely call you down 


1/8/14 Buyer, Zebulon Wallace (Pasadena)

Matt was referred to me by a trusted source at my bank through upper management. This was my first property which was also an investment/income property so I wanted to work with someone who knew income properties well. From the beginning he got right back to me and was able to share his knowledge of the market, which gave me confidence in the decision making process that lay ahead. We then immediately started viewing properties that fit my criteria and offered value. I never felt pressured or overwhelmed by Matt but rather reassured with his follow up and constant communication. 
After looking for a short time Matt was able to spot an excellent value (well below my budget) on the market that we jumped on right away. His quick response time and rapport with the other agent secured us the deal early in the process, which was critical because several offers came in behind us for much more money.
When it came time to perform inspections and our due diligence Matt was sure to help me get as much complete information as possible. There were some questions with the City Occupancy which he made every effort to clear and make sure we were good to move forward with before I started spending time and money. Then we had several inspectors and contractors visit the property so that the underlying issues were clearly spelled out to me. I knew exactly what I was getting into and what the cost for any future repairs might be. When it came to closing time he had to go out of town unexpectedly, but always arranged for the necessary paperwork and access to the property as well as being available via phone/text/email.
This property was considerably under my budget and Matt went outside of the box to find me a great value, not just to find me the most expensive thing to generate a higher commission. I truly feel that he had my best interests in mind during this process. He is professional, knowledgeable, and honest....exactly the kind of qualities you would look for in a real estate agent. I would strongly recommend Matt to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate!


11/23/13 Buyers, Wayne & Phyllis Manska (Yorba Linda)

We recently were able to close escrow on a home that we loved only because of Matt's fantastic negotiating and interpersonal skills. First, we had some issues because the sellers only wanted to allow us 10 days to remove contingencies as they were in a rush to close the escrow. Not only did the home need multiple inspections but the seller's relator was only available five days into the period. Matt was able to negotiate a longer period. Then, there were issues that arose and a verbal exchange between seller and buyer over a repair and the deal was off. Matt intervened and smoothed over the bad feelings and negotiated a very large credit for us and we were in the deal again. 
He always returned phone calls promptly, was on time for all meetings and made sure we completed all our paperwork. Most of all we appreciated his ability to coordinate all the pieces and keep our emotions in check. We really, really wanted this house and we are so grateful to Matt for making this happen.
This is a seller's market, but in this case we felt were on equal terms and got the best deal possible through Matt's efforts. He was highly recommended to us by a family member and he definitely lived up to his reputation of high integrity and professionalism. We have bought and sold six houses in our lifetime and by far Matt was the best realtor we have known!!


7/7/13 Buyers, Geoff & Kaylinn Maltese (Altadena)

Matt was great throughout the home buying process. We looked at a lot of home in the Pasadena/Altadena/Eagle Rock areas. He was incredibly knowledgeable of the area, the trends, and he was really able to to pick the houses best suited to us because we were looking for something that we could grow in and also have a long term investment. He analyzed every listing in the area showing how it worked for us, the potential return on investment, and the items that were going to have to be a compromise.
We were under contract on one home and when things weren't quite what they seemed, he everything he could to make sure it didn't cost us a penny to cancel the deal and get out of a bad situation. 
Even in a market where the house prices are quickly escalating, he was able to find us something perfect within our budget. We even even got the house well under asking. 
He is somebody who is really great to work with and goes out of his way to make sure you have everything you need and expect from a realtor.


6/14/13 Buyer, Diana Jo (Pasadena)

I am in the mortgage business so I know a good agent when I see one, I had been looking for months and fell out of escrow twice. I finally reached out to Matt and after just three viewings he found me a property. He gave me a perspective that I had not considered and I found a great buy in a nice neighborhood. I like to think outside the box, and not many people do, so when Matt came to me about his ideas I was impressed. He really thought about my interests and gave me ideas that I had not considered. I confirmed why I send customers his way.

4/12/13 Seller Adam, Greg, Juliw Worthley Client (Temple City & West Covina)

Matt help sell both my wife's parents house and my parents house, and did so with much professionalism. Matt helped sell both houses above the asking price, and got the deals done quickly. Bottom line, Matt was prompt, professional, and customized our needs during the time of sell.


3/11/13, Richard & Annie (Altadena)-

We are first time home buyers struggling for about half a year looking for a house in a time of low inventory, upbidding market in the better areas of Pasadena, with limited buying cash and loan qualification. We don't mind the size of the house, but as architects we like a home with style in good areas. We worked with agents who simply sent us emails or have communication gap with regards to what we want, and lost half a dozen offers because their expertise is in other areas or in other price segments. When I was about to give up and simply go back and save money for a couple more years, I posted an ad on craigslist and Matt got back to me in a day (i didnt expect anyone to respond to my ad). We decided to give Matt a try and he exceeded our expectations very quickly. I believe he grew up in South Pasadena, and has superior knowledge of the local Pasadena, Eagle rock, South pasadena, Altadena, Monrovia areas, their pricing, whether the pocket is a good buy etc. He is extremely patient, not pushy, and is the only one who can read my ridiculous long emails regarding my thoughts on the houses we saw. He is always punctual, young, energetic and we are the same age and birthdays 3 days apart. With his assistance, we immediately got close to getting offers accepted, only that we didnt choose to because either we werent so sure about the area. He will hand hold first time home buyers and let you know of all the details involved. He worked with us even when he is on vacation in England, and helped us sent out offers during New Year and X'mas season and early days in January. It's a difficult market for our buying power and as we lost, missed, or backed out more than half a dozen offers, Matt still stood there helping us patiently with no attitude whatsoever. We finally landed a home in a great area with midcentury modern style that we like, and despite the escrow takes forever to close due to appraisal and lender's issues, we got it at the end of the day. Needless to say, Matt will be our agent for life. He will be selling and buying all future homes for us


1/4/13, Pei & Rebecca (Downtown Los Angeles)-

Matt is the key reason that we got the ideal loft that we were looking for, especially in a very competitive up-bidding local market. We are extremely happy and lucky that we have Matt as our agent.

From the beginning, he kept us updated on the newest listings, and showed us potential places that matched what we wanted. When we made the last offer, he is the key reason that we got the deal, due to his great rapport with the selling agent (another great agent), and thorough process work. Matt's interpersonal skills, attention to our needs and details, and quick actions set him above from the crowd.

We would definitely and highly recommend Matt to our friends and for our future purchases too!


12/20/12, Tim & Cynthia (Rosemead)-

After listing our home unsuccessfully with another agent I connected with Matt. I found him as he had sold a home up cthe street in no-time as my house went unsold. Once Matt took over my listing he helped educate us on the local market and where we needed to position our house to sell quickly and profitably. (The last part was a trick given it was 2010.)

Once we went on the market with Matt and started receiving offers, Matt helped guide us as our last agent had not. There was no pressure to respond to low-ball offers and he always kept us in the loop.

As far as responsiveness, Matt was great. At one point, he helped us write a counter while he was on vacation in Maui! So you can trust he is always available when you need him.

So we sold our house in about 45 days and given the market conditions of 2010, I don't think we could have done any better. We walked away with money in our pocket and were able to move on to our next place.

Since that transaction we have continued to work with Matt in our search for an investment property. Same great insight, same great responsiveness.

All I can say is that I highly recommend Matt to help you sell your home or find your next one!

11/07/12, Serjik (Burbank)-

After going through several real estate agents over 4 years of on and off searches for a new home, I was fortunate enough to meet Matt. I was a first time home buyer and Matt was able to keep me on track, provide genuine guidance on my decisions and didn't rush me into anything he didn't believe would make happy.

Matt has excellent work ethic, he spent over a year looking with me on a consistent basis and his approach wasn't to just sign me up to some automated e-mail. He would personally filter what met my criteria and send a list with comments asking me what I would think.

Once we found a home that met my requirements, Matt's experience shined like no other when our first bid was accepted (within my favor). During a recent refinance, an appraiser claimed my property value has gone up, which is remarkable during this economy.

I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for an experienced, dedicated and genuinely excellent real estate agent and person to work.


10/29/12, Sunny (Pasadena)-

I highly recommend Matt Helganz. I will be happy to say Matt is earnest and has complete knowledge of local real estates. He was agent(buyer's) for me and my sister, we both were happy to working with Matt and purchase houses back in 2008. Since then he became a good friend and agent until today(2012), once again I feel very comfortable recommending Matt Helganz to any one for buying or selling houses.

9/15/12, Adam, Julie & Greg (Temple City/West Covina)-

Matt help sell both my wife's parents house and my parents house, and did so with much professionalism. Matt helped sell both houses above the asking price, and got the deals done quickly. Bottom line, Matt was prompt, professional, and customized our needs during the time of sell.

6/12/2012, Boni (Monterey Hills)-

Matt Helganz was a terrific partner for me when I was looking for a condo to buy. I had come off of a very bad experience when I met Matt. He was very responsive and supportive. He listened to what I was looking for and didn't try to push me in another, more expensive direction. We had to do some negotiations with the seller and he was very skilled at that. We got the seller to reduce the price about 50 grand. He's been a very good friend ever since. I trust him completely and have referred him to others. He's really a good, reliable realtor that you can really count on.